Regenerating the athlete in every body.


ReGen Athletic Medicine is an athletic injury management company that provides athletic training services by Certified Athletic Trainers.

We aim to improve the quality of life of our clients through injury prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, reconditioning and health education. We bring our athletes back to full performance in life or athletics from wherever we meet them in the injury process.

  Athlete : Megan;  Occupation : Marketing Manager;  Sport : Trail Running

Athlete: Megan; Occupation: Marketing Manager; Sport: Trail Running



Our clients are our athletes.


We treat athletes: any individual participating in fitness training and conditioning, sports, or other competitions, practices or activities requiring physical strength, agility, flexibility, range of motion, speed or stamina.


In other words: We treat you.

Our Beliefs



We believe in accessible injury management.

We provide direct-access care, one-on-one sessions with adequate time for full assessments, treatments, and rehabilitation. Our athletes have email accessibility to their Certified Athletic Trainer as well as consultation and guidance through the health care system. 


We believe in sustainable injury management.

 We assess the whole-body movement quality of our athletes and how their mechanics relate to their injury or pain. We consider the demands of their sport or activity and tailor a specific rehabilitation and reconditioning plan for them.  This plan will not only address the current issue but correct other deficits for future injury prevention. We work to keep our athletes pain- and injury-free so they can keep moving at their highest potential.


We believe in collaborative injury management. 

Injury development can be multifaceted. Every health and fitness professional approaches the same problem from a different perspective. We believe sustainable injury management is achieved through collaboration across professions. We will collaborate with our client's physician, other medical provider, or personal strength and conditioning specialist to address their specific goals and maintain their active lifestyle. Additionally, if we are not the most appropriate provider for our client, we'll help them find the one who is.

Why Us?

It's simple: We want to keep today's athlete, tomorrow's athlete.

We approach each individual with the intention to keep them performing their activity as safely as possible. We understand they are making an investment in their health, and we want to make sure they receive quality, sustainable care and are set up for a future of optimal activity.

ReGen Athletic Medicine is committed to serving all athletes according to their needs. Each athlete has unique needs and goals which require a unique approach. 



Need a pain or injury evaluation?

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